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Healthcare Specific Database

With the surge of growing specialties and deterioration in health conditions, it is quite obvious that physicians in hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers, have a lot more up their sleeves than their regular roles and responsibilities. From a business point-of-view they are now key hospital decision makers, especially for matters related to the purchase of pharmaceuticals, equipment and device, recruitment etc. having access to a physicians mailing list therefore is the smartest way to ensure that as a medical marketer you are not missing out on anything and leveraging from opportunities present in the market!

Each and every record is telephone verified to confirm the accuracy. Our medical lists represent the most complete compilation of Allied Health and Medical Professions available. You can specify a list with a number of demographic and geographic selections to make sure you are reaching only the professionals that are relevant to you.

Equipment manufacturers and Pharmaceutical companies would seek a database of Providers. At times companies would require a databases of Providers in a given specialty that have a demand for the service or product they specialize. Some specific groups within the healthcare database are pharmacists, pharmacies, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, nursing personnel and many such more. Here are few lists by names out of wide range we own..

  • Acupuncturist Email List
  • Acute Care Specialist
  • Addiction Counsellors Mailing List
  • Adult Health Specialist Email List
  • Allergy-Immunology Physician Email List
  • Anatomical Clinical Pathologist Mailing List
  • Anesthesiologist Mailing List
  • Arthritis Specialist List
  • Asthma Specialist List
  • Athletic Therapists List
  • Audiologist Email List
  • Bariatrician Mailing List
  • Cancer Specialist List
  • Cardiologist Mailing List
  • Cardiovascular Disease Specialist Email List
  • Chest and Cardiac Surgeons Mailing List
  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Email List
  • Child Psychiatrist Mailing List
  • Chiropractors Mailing List
  • Clinical Lab Scientists Mailing List
  • Clinical Lipidologist Email List
  • Clinical Neuropsychologist Email List
  • Clinical Trial Physicians
  • Consumer Illness Ailment Data
  • Cosmetologists Mailing List
  • Critical Care Medicine Physician Email List
  • Dental Laboratories Mailing List
  • Dentists Mailing List
  • Denturists Mailing List
  • Dermatologists Mailing List
  • Diabetes Specialist Email List
  • Diagnostic Radiologist Mailing List
  • Dialysis Nurses Mailing List
  • Doctor Email List
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist List
  • Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Physician Email List
  • Endodontics Specialist Email List
  • ENT Specialists Mailing List
  • Epidemiologist Email List
  • Exercise Physiologist Email List
  • Family Medicine Specialist Email List
  • Family/Marital Therapists List
  • Gastroenterologist Mailing List
  • General Practitioners Email List
  • General Surgeon Mailing List
  • Geriatrician Mailing List
  • Group Practice Physicians Mailing List
  • Gynecologists Mailing List
  • Hematologists List
  • Heart Disease Specialist List
  • HIPAA Compliance Managers Mailing List
  • HMO and PPO Managers Mailing List
  • Home Healthcare Providers Mailing List
  • Hospital Administrators List
  • Hospital Executives List
  • Hospital Office Managers Mailing List
  • Hospitalist Email List
  • Hospitals Decision Makers List
  • Hypnotherapists Mailing List
  • Hypnotists Mailing List
  • Immunologist Mailing List
  • Infectious Disease Specialist Email List
  • Internal Medicine Specialists List
  • Laboratory Directors Mailing List
  • Massage Therapists Mailing List
  • Medical and Hospital Equipment Industry Executives List
  • Mental Health Specialists Email List
  • Naturopathic Physicians Mailing List
  • Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Physician Email List
  • Nephrologists List
  • Neurologist Mailing List
  • Neuroradiology Specialist Email List
  • Neurosurgeons List
  • Nuclear Medicine Specialist Email List
  • Nurse Practitioners Mailing List
  • Nurses and RN’s Mailing List
  • Nurses Mailing List
  • Nutritionist Email List
  • OB/GYN Mailing List
  • Obstetrics List
  • Occupational Therapists Mailing List
  • Oncologist-Hematologist Mailing List
  • Oncologists List
  • Oncology Nurses Mailing List
  • Ophthalmologist Mailing List
  • Optometrists Mailing List
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Mailing List
  • Oral Surgeon’s Mailing List
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Specialist Email List
  • Orthopedists List
  • Orthopedic Surgeon Mailing List
  • Otolaryngologist Email List
  • Pediatricians List
  • Pain Medicine Specialists Email List
  • Pathologist Mailing List
  • Pathologists List
  • Pediatrician Mailing List
  • Periodontics Email List
  • Pharmaceutical Mailing List
  • Pharmacies List
  • Pharmacist Email List
  • Phlebotomist Mailing List
  • Physiatrist Mailing List
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician Email List
  • Physical Therapists List
  • Plastic Surgeon Mailing List
  • Podiatrists Mailing List
  • Prosthodontist Email List
  • Psychiatrists Email List
  • Psychologist Email List
  • Pulmonologists Mailing List
  • Radiation Oncologist Mailing List
  • Radiologists List
  • Registered Dieticians Email List
  • Rehabilitation Practitioner-Specialists Email List
  • Respiratory Therapists List
  • Retinal Specialist Mailing List
  • Rheumatologist’s Mailing List
  • Sports Medicine Physician Email List
  • Surgeon Mailing List
  • Toxicologists Email List
  • Urgent Care Centers Decision Maker List
  • Urologist List Mailing List
  • Vascular Surgeon Mailing List
  • Veterinarians Mailing List

Don’t worry if you do not see the name in the list mentioned above. Those are just few listed out there. We do offer database based on client’s needs. Do the maximum customization based on SIC codes, Levels, Titles, Industries etc.

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