Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • How do you compile these data sets?

    Not all the lists comes from the same sources. These are some of the commonly used sources from where raw data is been collected:
    ● New business filings
    ● Press releases
    ● Yellow pages
    ● Conferences/events and Trade shows
    ● Company websites
    ● Technology, healthcare publication houses and associations
    ● User generated feedback and market research, etc.
    Still this data cannot be given out for sales, marketing or recruiting programs right away as these have to be 3rd party opt-in. As a next step, this data is put forward for permission pass tests and then added to the master DB. After that, it is a continuous process where these sets are validated from time to time to keep them most up to date and ready to use.

  • How accurate is the data you provide?

    Due to ever happening changes like executives switching the jobs, businesses closing, employees climbing the job roles etc. it is hard to maintain 100% accuracy. Still, we try exceeding the industry standards to ensure the data you access is as accurate and complete as possible. In fact, thousands of dollars are invested in the off-shore partners to compile and verify the information in our databases. Our latest audit says that we have been consistently offering an average of 95% accuracies on all the data sets. And these data sets when used for email blasts would certainly give better results. Most of our customers have seen 80%+ inbox placements one of the best standards in the industry.

  • How often you update this data?

    Our data is verified quarterly. We check the accuracy levels of our data against millions of sources and apply necessary updates through automated and manual append.

  • Do you offer any updates?

    Data update is an add-on service which comes with additional charge unless specified by our consultant. Please talk to us while discussing the lists to obtain this service at much economical pricing.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Check/ACH/ Bank Wire. Credit cards are also accepted but with an additional transactional charges.

  • Anything to keep in mind while placing my order?

    We love repeat business. So, is the reason we always want our customers to choose the right data set while buying from us. We can promise accuracy on the data set, however if we cannot define the right data set results can be low. So, we advise our clients to define the right criterion before placing an order,so that you can be happy upon using the data as we take care of the quality. If you are not sure on the right data set, please ask for our SME team who can guide you too.

  • Why is your data cheaper than other vendors in the market?

    We look at less margins and more customers. In the long run, most of these customers give us more business which leads to good revenues.

  • When will I receive my list after placing the order?

    Normally it takes anywhere between 2 to 6 business days depending on the list type, complexity and customization as each customer is different just like each of their project.

  • How can I access my purchased data?

    Data will be delivered to you in .xls /csv/.txt formats through a secured FTP link where you can download the file and start using. It would be yours once you purchase and have complete control over it.

  • What is your refund or replacement policy?

    Thanks to our data and support teams. Most of our clients are happy. Even if you see bad data or do not see the promised email delivery rate we mention, you can raise the issue within 21 days of taking the list and we would be glad to replace those within 7 business days. If we were unable to replace, a refund proportionate to the records below the promised levels will be refunded in next 7 business days without any further questions being asked. We promise.